Group Energy Healing Services

Group sessions are for you if:

  • You have anxiety or depression
  • You have an minor illness related to stress
  • You have a relationship challenge, such as a divorce.
  • You have a financial/abundance issue
  • You have an addiction(s)

The source of your challenges often come from blocks that develop as a result of your early childhood experiences.

Most of you feel you can resolve these problems yourselves. You’ll watch videos on You Tube, you’ll read a few books, or take free sessions from coaches and healers only to find you are still living on the hamster wheel, repeating the same patterns over and over again.

If everyone could connect to their own limiting beliefs and release them on their own, most people would have a happy healthy and abundant life. Videos and self help books would be enough!

Please join me in this very powerful session where I tune into the collective consciousness and remove the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from a more fulfilling life. Free yourself from hurt, pain, frustration, anger and any feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

These sessions allow you to experience my work in a more affordable way. They are usually 45 minutes in length and are held once a month virtually via zoom or in person at Healing Crystals Wellness Center in Dulles, VA.  See the Events page for details and to register.

In this event, you can expect your most critical blocks to be cleared that are keeping you from living a fuller life. I have empowered many people at these events who had experienced relationship issues, financial issues, job related stress and many more challenges at these events.

These sessions fill up quickly so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!