Energy Healing Services

Your first step to healing from whatever is keeping you from a better life is awareness of your strongest current block.  I offer private and group energy healing services to help remove blocks.

Join me and start the journey to step into a better life!

Private Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

Private sessions start with a free 20 minute Clarity Assessment. Discover your strongest limiting belief, where its is located in your etheric body and when it started. Then, choose the follow up program that matches your needs.

Group Energy Healing Sessions

Join me in this powerful session where I tune into the collective consciousness and remove the limiting beliefs that keep you from a more fulfilling life. Free yourself from hurt, pain, frustration, anger and any feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Denise Dorfman, Intuitive Energy Healer

Denise Dorfman is an Intuitive Energy Healer. In addition to offering group and private energy healing sessions to clients worldwide, she is an author and speaker.

She serves clients with intuitive energy healing sessions and coaching them with positive thinking techniques. She helps clients to discover a healthier and happier mindset toward life.

Denise holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration.  Her passion for health and wellness comes from her personal journey of overcoming lupus.

Denise was diagnosed with lupus in 1996. She empowered herself with the decision to change her thoughts and lifestyle. Six years later, her rheumatologist confirmed she has no active disease.

She tells her story and offers suggestions to help others follow the same path in her book, Speak Your Truth.

Denise Dorfman