I thought I would repost a blog I wrote a few months ago, because I relearned that lesson when I went to a workshop this weekend.

I found myself comparing and contrasting my experiences with other people’s experiences.

I realized that we all are unique, and can’t really compare ourselves to others.  It’s a waste of energy and time.

I realized, as B.B. King had stated, “They are not me.”

Here’s the blog from a few months ago that I think bears repeating:

As you may have heard, B.B. King, the legendary blues singer, passed away recently.  On the news, there was a clip of something he said that I thought was very poignant.

I think we can all learn from what B.B. King said.

He stated that many people do exactly what he does (sing the blues), and that many people could do it better than he did.

However, they were not him.

Think about this statement for a minute.

How many times have you played the comparison game with others, thinking someone can do something better then you and felt inferior?

But they are not you!

You bring your own unique perspective, personality and flair to whatever you do.

I know that there are many great writers out there.  Many people know how to write.

Many people write books and many people blog regularly.

I could obsess about this, if I chose to.  I know that many people probably write better than I do.  I’ve always had strong writing skills, but I’m not a brilliant writer like many best-selling authors out there.

They’re not me though.

I bring my own unique experiences to my writing and blogging.  No one else has the perspective that I do.

So it is with you.

So the next time you feel “less than” a co-worker, friend or competitor, know that they are not you!

You are equal to everyone else.  You are no better or worse than anyone.

And know that you have your own unique gifts, talents and abilities to offer this world.

Remember that you are a magnificent, unique, human being just the way you are.

Don’t deny your magnificence by comparing yourself to someone else.

Remember what B.B. King said about himself.

“They’re not me.”

And he was a legend.

You are a legend too, in your own unique way.  Always remember that.