I realized I didn’t need to read the dozens of self-help books I have read over the years to live an authentic, spiritual life.

The six Reiki Principles really sum up beautifully how one should live. Here are the principles:
Just for today,

Do not be angry.
Do not worry.
Be grateful.
Do your work with diligence.
Be kind to others.

These seem simple, right? Deceptively simple, because I don’t always follow them. Circumstances of life sometimes get in the way. Someone cuts me off on the highway, and I get angry and scream at them.
The annoying salesperson emails me for the umpteenth time at work, wanting me to do something for them, which just means more work for me. Someone calls me, wanting a conference call with a confused customer who can’t understand their bill.

I can tell you what is helping me currently with this quandary. I have started meditating about my vision for my ideal self, who avoids anger and is kind to others. I do it in the morning, setting the tone for the day, resolving to be a more compassionate, more patient and less judgmental. Then in the evening, I review how I did and forgive myself for any times I have strayed from my vision for myself.

It’s working already.

I affirmed that I am surrounded by good drivers on the road, and amazingly had no problems with anyone cutting me off – there was no reason to be angry! I have found myself patiently helping the annoying salesperson, even when it means more work for me. I have answered the phone when “that person” calls, gladly granting his request for a conference call. By the end of the day, though, I find myself slipping into the old familiar habits of judging others, and not being very kind.

However, during my evening mediation, I forgive myself and try to learn from the times I slipped.
I try to be gentle and kind with myself. This is a process, and real change takes time.
But it is so worth it. I have never been happier, and more grateful.

When you are more kind and loving to others, you create more love and kindness in your life.