Denise Dorfman

  Intuitive Energy Healer, Author, Speaker  

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Private Energy Healing Sessions

Schedule your 20 minute Energy Assessment with Denise today!  In this session, we will explore what’s not working in your life, you’ll receive clarity around what you would like to be experiencing instead, and we’ll looks at next steps, including whether working with me makes sense.  Just click on the button above to schedule your session.

Group Energy Healing

Denise holds 45 minute group energy healing sessions once a month at various locations. In this event, she helps you remove your biggest block that is keeping you from living a fuller life. Denise has helped many people with relationship issues, financial issues and excess stress at these events. Call 571-830-7537 to find out more! Space is limited!


Denise is available to facilitate wellness workshops for private groups, public wellness forums and within organizations. As an Intuitive Energy Healer with an MBA, she can speak to the benefits of energy healing and other alternative modalities while sharing practical techniques that can contribute to healthier living.