When I think about why I chose to be a Reiki practitioner, I always remember what my mother taught me:  That we are here to serve others.

I believe healing others is a large part of my life purpose.  I healed myself of lupus and want to help others heal as well.  That is how I want to serve others in this lifetime.  It’s the legacy I would like to leave behind.  I want to leave this world a better place by helping others heal themselves.

I don’t believe it’s “me” doing the healing when I practice Reiki.  I had asked to simply be a conduit of the Divine, passing along pure positive Reiki energy for someone else’s healing.  I am so glad I received this gift.

It is an honor and a privilege to offer others healing from disease, as well as from problem situations.  I help others relieve stress and tension from living an active, busy life.  I also help others release emotional blocks from their past or their past lives that keep them from living their best lives in the present.

I don’t do this alone.  I have a strong connection with angels and archangels, and I invite them to each Reiki session.  I’m always pleasantly surprised (and I shouldn’t be!) when a client tells me they sensed angels gathering around the massage table during our session!

I am happy to help anyone who needs healing in their lives.  I especially want to help others who are stressed and overwhelmed by disease or their life situation.  I want to help the people that want to change their lives for the better.  I really appreciate the people that want to improve themselves so they can pay it forward and help others.

Join me on our journey of healing through pure positive Reiki energy!