I was having a conversation with a friend, and he was telling me about some difficult people in his life.  Every time he thought about these people, he affirmed “I am in harmony with them.”  He soon realized that it was he who was being so difficult, not them.  After that, those individuals were not so difficult anymore.

I also had an experience with a difficult person at work.  Many people did not like her.  I decided to take a different tack, since I worked with her rather closely most of the time.  I decided to affirm only the good things I saw in her.  I ignored the negative things I was hearing about her in the rumor mill.  I noticed that she was very concerned with truth, integrity and justice.  I kept affirming that she was basically a good person.

I learned a long time ago that every single person on earth has every quality in them.  They can range from being a sociopath to a saint and everything in between.  If you focus on the better qualities in that person, even if you hear they are difficult, they will show you their better qualities and be far more lovable.

You also may find, as my friend did, that it is just you being difficult.  He used the affirmation, “I am in harmony with ________.”  I also recommend blessing them with love.  That also works with any problem you have as well.

You will be delighted and pleasantly surprised when you affirm the positive in a person and bless them with love every time they come to mind.  The Universe works for your highest good, and loves it when you look for positive aspects in people and in situations.

Try this exercise when you encounter a difficult person at work, or even at the grocery store.  It may be difficult at first, but if you push yourself and insist on viewing them in a positive light, they will respond to you in a positive way.

My co-worker ended up telling me how highly she thought of me, and how much she liked me!  She even ended up supporting me when someone told me a false rumor about a person at work whom I cared about.  Not bad for someone whom everyone thought was so “nasty”!

Have a blessed week everyone!