This week I thought I would write about meeting the Universe halfway.  Recently I have offered, as part of my mid-level and intensive packages, to send Reiki energy to two or three desired outcomes.

I realized today that I could send all the energy I want to these outcomes for my client, but it will take a long time to come true if the client does not “meet the Universe halfway”.

Whenever you have a desire to manifest, you must take inspired action.  For example, if you would like to meet a new romantic partner, you must have that intention and couple it with how you would feel if it came true.

Of course, it also helps when someone sends Reiki energy to it or even just prays for you.  When I send Reiki energy to your desired outcome, it really is a form of prayer.

However, if you do nothing, you will get nothing.  In order to manifest a romantic partner, you also must take steps toward your desire on a daily basis.

Join a meetup group.  Take a night class where you can meet like-minded people.  This is how you manifest desires in a more effective way.

You will also get quicker results because you are telling the Universe that you are ready for someone new in your life.  Inspired action could also mean exercising more, or better self-care.

Even baby steps in the direction of your desire count.  So when you have a desire, always remember to take inspired action towards that outcome.

Then it will show up in your life when you least expect it!  Wouldn’t that be great?