I have learned over the years that your ability to manifest is directly related to your internal thoughts.

For example, I have a new friend who was having a difficult time getting enough work to pay her bills. She is self-employed, so not having enough work would have been financially devastating in the long run. She started to have fear thoughts, and even thought she had to dip into her savings to cover her monthly expenses.

Then it dawned on her that manifesting is an inside job. She changed her thoughts from fear thoughts to gratitude thoughts. She simply stopped worrying about whether she was going to have enough income to cover her bills. Then, as she described it, the flood gates opened, and she had more work than she could handle! I asked her to explain further what she did to manifest so much work. She told me that the work was already there. She just needed to connect to the energetic vibration that attracted the work into her experience. She knew that fear and worry certainly would not attract anything good in her life.

As soon as she stopped worrying and was grateful for what she did have, the work poured in. So, whatever you need and want is already here. You simply need to connect to it vibrationally. When you have a clear intention, coupled with an elevated emotion, and you do it consistently, your desire will come right to you. It is Law.

Also note how quickly the work came to my friend, with very little effort. She simply needed to change her thoughts and beliefs. I have also manifested work (a job) by replacing fear thoughts with love and gratitude thoughts. I was sitting in the lobby of a hospital while my late husband was having surgery. I was unemployed at the time, and not very happy about it.

However, instead of worrying about not having a job, I told myself to look at the bigger picture. I started to feel gratitude that my husband had health insurance to pay for his medical bills. I felt gratitude that we were still paying our bills. We still had our home. Then I got a feeling in my gut that I would be employed after Labor Day that year – within just a few months.

Of course, that’s what happened. I think if I would have kept worrying about being unemployed, I would have kept BEING unemployed. My thoughts would have created my reality. I chose gratitude and love for life instead of fear.

We all have the freedom to choose how to view any situation. So, no matter what happens, choose the positive, elevated emotions and have a clear intention. You’ll be very glad you did!