Money is such a sensitive but important subject for many of us.  I thought I would write this week about how we repel money without realizing it.

I have learned this over the years when studying Abraham, Morgana Rae and others and thought they bear repeating here.

Here are some ways we can repel money:

  1. Criticize others for how they handle their money. How people handle money really has nothing to do with you, except when you hold critical thoughts about them.  It’s the negative thinking about others and their money that stop the flow of your good.
  2. Resent, or be jealous of, what others have. Again, this stops the flow of your good.  As Abraham has said, “When the success of another makes your heart sing, your resistance is gone, and your own success soars.”
  3. Keeping up with the Joneses. This is another form of resistance that I have seen in my personal experience with co-workers.  This only causes you to spend money you don’t have, leaving you with a mountain of debt.  This is not true abundance.  True abundance is being very content and appreciating what you do have.
  4. Not charging enough for what you offer to the world. I got this tip from Morgana Rae, the famous money relationship expert.   This demonstrates a lack of respect for yourself and for money.  It’s like you are saying to money, “I want less and less of you in my life!” Who would want to be around that?
  5. Not paying your bills on time, or being generally disorganized about your finances. Again, this shows a lack of respect for money.  If you are not paying attention to someone, they are not going to hang around you for very long.  If you ignore money, it will leave, and you’ll continue to have problems paying your bills.
  6. Thinking money isn’t important or it does not matter. Some people think they are being “good” if they state that money is not important.  While it’s good to not be obsessed or greedy with money, the opposite is also problematic.  If you lend someone money, for instance, and they don’t pay you back, it’s better to ask for the money directly instead of seeing it as unimportant and forgetting about it.  This also shows respect for money.

These are just a few ways people repel money that I have learned over the years.  I would love to hear your comments about other ways people can repel money.  Let me know what you think!