We really do create our future.  This week, I wanted to share an experience where I manifested an offer on my house.

I decided to sell my house since I could not afford to live there anymore and wanted to move to a less expensive area.  So, I got it ready to put on the market.

Unfortunately, other people in the neighborhood had the same idea.  They had similar houses and they decided to sell theirs as well.

I had a lot of competition.  It seemed quite unlikely I would get an offer anytime soon, even though the home was in a great location.

I decided not to give in to worry and fear.  I meditated on a future potential where I easily and quickly got an offer on the house.  I used Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Tuning into New Potentials meditation.

I also wanted to sell my furniture, so I envisioned the buyer wanting to buy the furniture as well.

I did that for about six weeks.  During that time, I meditated on that potential every day.

When fear and worry set in, I did a journaling exercise that I learned in a money workshop called “Align with Money:  A Day to Find Peace and Calm with Money”, which was organized by my dear colleagues and friends Sandra MacDougall and Carol Plummer.

I did not let worry and fear thoughts slip past my consciousness.

Then I let go of attachment to outcome.  I simply surrendered.

Then I received a call from my realtor.

I got an offer on the house!  At the price I wanted!  AND, the buyer was interested in buying my furniture.

It worked out just as I created it!

I think meditating on this new potential every day, not letting worry and fear get to me, and then finally letting go manifested this offer.  All of this in a pretty tough environment full of competition.

Know that you always create your future and recognize what a powerful manifestor you really are!