“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

I wanted to write this week about how I created my future using mind movies and meditation.

As you may know, I have been attending workshops given by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  About six months ago, he incorporated mind movies into our teachings for the Advanced Workshop in May of this year.

Mind Movies are really digital vision boards.  With mind movies, you can create a video with pictures and affirmations to create what you want in the future.

I am happy to say that it works.  In six months, everything I created is manifesting.

For example, I created a picture of a key with the affirmation “My business helps thousands of people.”

The result is that I am getting more followers on social media every week, selling more books, and have much more media exposure than I did six months ago.

So I am making good progress to helping thousands of people with my business.

The next frame of the video is a picture of a fit young woman with the affirmation “I am the perfect weight for me.”

I’ve since lost five pounds without dieting.   I am well along the way to being at the perfect weight.

The next scene of the video is “I attract money with my abundant thoughts.”

I have since felt much better about my finances, and I am meeting my financial obligations with no problems.  And I have had some major expenses this year!!

The next affirmation is “I choose to exercise regularly” with a picture of a fit woman exercising.

I was not exercising at all six months ago.  Now I am exercising at least four times per week, sometimes more.  Check!

The next frame was “I am a divine conduit for healing others.”

I have not only experienced healing for myself, but other people have been healed as a result.  A member of my church had cancer, and ended up getting positive medical reports and is recovering nicely!


So, I have manifested every one of my goals.  Mind movies, especially combined with meditation, work very well in manifesting what you want in life.  I highly recommend mind movies along with meditation – you can create anything you want.  The sky’s the limit!