I wanted to write this week and clarify my position on affirmations and their efficacy in healing lupus.

Many people state that affirmations don’t work.  They say you cannot just babble affirmations day and night and suddenly cure yourself of disease.

Actually, affirmations are only a small part in the process of healing.

They are a beginning point of change.  They are a way to put into words what you want in your life.

However, they are not enough.  It is not enough to repeat affirmations to achieve a state of health and well-being.

You must change from the inside out.  You need to change your state of being.

When I was diagnosed with lupus at 30 years of age, I was very uncertain of what the future would bring.

I knew people had died from this disease.  I knew people could get very sick and their lives would be altered forever.

And I was sick for a few years.  Then I discovered You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.

I looked up SLE, or lupus, in the list in the back of the book.  She stated the probable cause of the dis-ease was “A giving up.  Better to die than to stand up for oneself.  Anger and Punishment.”

Then the new thought pattern stated:  “I speak up for myself freely and easily.  I claim my power.  I love and approve of myself.  I am free and safe.”

I realized I had not stood up for myself, ever.  I never defended myself when attacked or criticized.

Even when I disagreed with someone, I kept quiet.

I did start by repeating that affirmation often.

However, I knew intuitively that I had to start doing and being that assertive person who consistently stood up for herself.

Then I started to speak up for myself at work.  When that “bully” at work attacked me, I defended myself (in a positive way).

I became that assertive person.  I changed my state of being.

Then I meditated every day.  I knew that meditation not only helped with stress, but also increased brain wave coherence.

I learned later on at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops that when brain waves are coherent, disease cannot exist in the body.

Soon, my rheumatologist confirmed I had no active disease.  Later, after attending Dr. Joe’s workshops, even the laboratory confirmed I had no lupus in my body.

In August of this year, my ANA test was negative, and all of the other tests for lupus were normal!

It’s like I never had lupus.  It had left my body.

So don’t completely discount affirmations.  Though they do not heal illness, they are a good start on your pathway to wellness.