Denise A. Dorfman

  Intuitive Energy Healer, Author, Speaker

Personalized Energy Assessment & Demo

This assessment is a 20 minute session via zoom. During this session, we will uncover some of the blocks causing frustration, struggle and lack in your life. We will also explore what you would like to experience instead. In addition I will tune in and discover your biggest psychic block hidden in your subconscious:  where it is located in your body, when it happened, and what type of block it is.  Awareness of your strongest current block is your first step to healing from whatever is keeping you from a better life.  Even if I have removed a block for you before, please remember that there is always more to heal. This call is an opportunity for more clarity and an invitation to step into a better life!

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Denise Dorfman is an Intuitive Energy Healer. She is an author and speaker. Denise holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration.  Her passion for health and wellness comes from her personal journey of overcoming Lupus.

Denise was diagnosed with lupus in 1996 and empowered herself with the decision to simply change her thoughts and lifestyle. Six years later, her rheumatologist confirmed she has no active disease. Learn more about her book, Speak Your TruthClick Here

She now lives a happy, healthy life in the D.C. area, serving clients with intuitive energy healing sessions and coaching them with positive thinking techniques, including tips for creating a healthier and happier mindset toward life.

I recently had a quadruple bypass and asked Denise Dorfman to send distant Reiki to enable my healing and recovery.  Denise sent distant Reiki to me, and I reported that I was doing “remarkably well”.  I experienced less pain than normal in healing from the incision.  I only need four acetaminophen tablets per day to manage the pain.  Many other fellow patients needed more pain medication when recovering from the same procedure.  Also, my cardiologist said that I was healing like a man twenty years younger. In other words, the doctor was astonished at my rapid rate of healing.  Overall, I’m feeling great most of the time.  Keep in mind that this is distant Reiki being used, which has proven to be just as effective as in-person Reiki.

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